> Enterprise Services

Novanix specializes in providing remote services for businesses globally. Let us help reduce your IT requirements and our experts maximize your IT dollar. We are extremely flexible to meet your needs, and below are some of the services we provide complementary to all enterprise customers. Novanix's enterprise service program has numerous benefits no matter if you are pounding your current hardware to death or are currently with a shared webspace provider. Our enterprise hosting starts at $200 a month for a server, including rackspace, electricity, and a megabit of bandwidth. For questions or more details please contact us.

Software Management

Novanix handles complete management of your server from setup and deployment to updates and maintenance. We schedule maintenance windows with you for your servers, and have timely management.

Software Security

Security is an ever growing and exceptionally important part of any remotely accessible hardware. Protecting your hardware itself is important, however your intellectual property is frequently more so. Novanix has had a long standing reputation for some of the most innovative security implementations available. From your servers to our routers and ISP's we have inline firewalls and attack detection and response software in place to properly be able to keep your servers running 24/7 and your data safe.

Hardware Acquisition

Novanix is happy to make hardware recommendations to fit your specific needs and requirements. In addition we are happy to purchase servers and hardware from our vendors on your behalf and charge your Novanix account. In addition Novanix will meet any assembly requirement needs, including for custom hardware.

Hardware/Software Monitoring

Novanix has both external and internal monitoring tools it uses to ensure all your services are available 24/7. These monitors can also help pinpoint bottlenecks and load issues. We provide uptime statistics and graphs to customers so they can observe their servers too.

Clustering and Expansion Support

Novanix is able to help you grow your IT setup as your needs require. From server clustering and load balancing to round robin setups we can ensure your resources are accessible and responsive.

Application Support

Novanix is able to install and configure 3rd party applications on your server as needed. In addition we have specialists able to help on most custom in house applications. To track down bugs or performance issues, we can help you get your applications ready for prime time.

Server Optimization

Novanix is able to monitor for performance bottlenecks and help to maximize your server and applications to best perform in intense environments. From database optimizing to web server tweaks, we can help ensure you get the best performance out of your hardware and software.

Multiple Contact Management with Restricted Access

Our systems fully support allowing you to have an unlimited number of your employees with access to your account. You can selectively control what they have access to, from monitoring graphs, billing management, server control, to direct access to our support staff. You can create accounts that fit your needs to ensure your staff does not need to funnel needs through a common person adding delays to any issue.

Physical Security

Our datacenters have exceptionally high level of security from biometric scanners and cameras to verified protocols for client verification. There are standardized incident and disaster response plans, with onsite resources to be able to handle virtually any type of situation.

Additional Services

Novanix can provide many additional services to our customers. From SSL certificates to domain management let Novanix experts worry about your IT issues so you can save time and money.

For questions or more details please contact us.