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Novanix's shared hosting plans are available for customers who are looking for personal hosting, or are just do not have the needs of our Enterprise Managed Services. If you like our shared hosting plans and have multiple sites or would like to sell our level of hosting services to your own customers, please take a look at our reseller plans. If you can't find the exact plan you want below, feel free to contact us to discuss a custom plan.

Minimum Server Specifications

  • Dual 2.8 GHZ Processors
  • 2GB Memory
  • Dual SCSI 10K Hard Drives (in Mirror Configuration)

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Package Lite Personal Bronze Silver Gold
Price $25.99 a Year
(~$2 a month)
$70 a Year
(~$5.8 a month)
$14.99 a month $25 a month $40 a month
Full Online Control Panel
Web Space 100 Megabytes 250 Megabytes 800 Megabytes 1500 megabytes 2500 megabytes
Bandwidth a Month 2 Gigabytes 10 Gigabytes 30 Gigabytes 60 Gigabytes 100 Gigabytes
Non-Web Application Hosting
Assisted Site Administration
User Application Debugging
Domains* 1 1 2 5 20
Sub Domains 3 10 50 100 999
DNS Wildcard Support
Pop3/IMAP4 Email Accounts 10 25 100 300 999
Email Aliases/Forwards 10 25 100 300 999
FTP Accounts 1 2 10 20 100
Mailing Lists 1 5 50 100 999
Number of Databases 1 3 15 50 999
Email Catch-All Support
Unlimited FTP Access
Unlimited SSH Access
Unlimited SFTP Access
Anonymous FTP Support*
MYSQL Database Support
CGI Support
PHP Support
SSI Support
Java(w/ Servlets) Support
C++ / C Support
Python Support
DHTML Support
IMAP 4(w/ Secure) Support
POP 3(w/ Secure) Support
Spam Assassin
Your DNS control
Built in Shopping Carts
Built in Forums
Many Free CGI/PHP Scripts
Sub Domain Redirection
Hotlink/Bandwidth Protection
Custom Error Pages
Auto Responders
Professional Statistics
Raw Access Logs
Online Email Access
SSL(Secure Socket) Support
Htaccess Support
24/7 Tech Support System
Easy To Use Backup / Restore
Frontpage Support
Mime Support

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*We can manage new .com/net/org domains for you at a $10 a year fee. If you select new domain on the following page we will automatically purchase the domain for and charge you $10 extra on your order.